Inline multirotor/Hoverbike

The inline multirotor concept is a new platform for creating compact and streamlined VTOL aircraft. As few as four hard mounted rotors are all that is required. No control surfaces or actuators of any kind are required to produce stable, maneuverable flight.

  • Roll is stabilized by lateral forces which rotate the vehicle around the center of mass. The same rotors that lift the vehicle also procuce the lateral forces because they are mounted at slight angles
  • Rotors may be place above and/or below the vehicle
  • Requires only four motors, no additional moving parts or actuators
  • Useful in situations where small, portable VTOL is a priority
  • May be useful in a "hoverbike" configuration, a concept being explored by several companies
  • May have some aerodynamic benefits by having a smaller front profile
  • May find use as cargo and/or manned transport

Speederbike in Redwoods.

Speederbike top view.

Speederbike elevation .

Inline quadcopter render.

full size hoverbike render.

Inline quadcopter Mark 1.

Shrouded patent figure.

Open rotor patent figure.

Inverted rotor patent figure.

Test Flight